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SPCA Centres
Saving Lives reuniting and rehoming more pets via Petsonthenet


Welcome to petsonthenet from founders Kim and Gavin BuchananWe warmly welcome all SPCA Centres listing their found pets or pets for adoption on our nationwide database for lost and found pets. is the recommended provide for Lost and Found pets for SPCA as part of the Saving Lives campaign. This is a proven service already used by many SPCAs including Auckland and Wellington who have both been listing their found pets with us since 2002. SPCAs that use Petsonthenet greatly increase their reunion and adoption rates and indeed save more lives.

About petsonthenet
Petsonthenet is a well established, trusted free community service set up specifically for the purpose of reuniting all types of lost pets in NZ. We are also NZ's largest website for pets. The service is totally internet based, so that anyone can view and place lost and found pet ads 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means pets can be reunited very quickly and distraught lost pet owners can get online support and advice any time of the day or night. At times this has resulted in rapid reunions, sometimes within minutes. We have reunited lost pets after a very long time...our longest reunion via petsonthenet was for a cat missing for 2.5 years!. The website is easy to use and designed to be self servicing for all users. Click here for more about us and why we are free.

Benefits of using petsonthenet for your SPCA
Firstly, I understand from first hand experience the types of calls and enquiries you are getting many times a day about lost pets as I am ex Auckland SPCA myself and spent a lot of my day (pre petsonthenet) "counseling" and helping people with lost pets. Nowadays, SPCAs using petsonthenet have found using our service makes life easier, saving time, freeing up phone lines and staff, allowing you to provide a better service. Most importantly, it leads to an increase in reunion rates.

Click our signpost for ADVICE and checklists etc for owners of lost petsYou use petsonthenet by...
Posting an ad for each found pet (or group of pets in the cases of
     a litter). Usually SPCAs list their found pets daily with us.
Help people with lost pets by recommending that they place an ad
     for their lost pets with us as soon as possible.
Advise them to read and use our online advice and checklists too (just click ADVICE on the petsonthenet signpost). People are often emotional and stressed when their pet is missing, so most of the good advice we give verbally probably goes in one ear and out the other...! This will not only save you time but the advice is more likely to be followed when lost pet owners can read it, print it and refer back to it online. Most people now have the internet at home, however if they do not, suggest they try a friend or relatives home, at work, the library or an internet cafe.

Using petsonthenet, the onus is on the owner to list their lost pet and then search the found pets daily. They then contact the poster of the ad if they should find any potential match. This saves a lot of time for your SPCA trying to match an ever growing list of lost pets - an almost impossible task even with computer records instead of the old lost pet book we used!

The benefit to people with lost and found pets using petsonthenet are
People can list and search, lost (or found) pets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - we never shut!
Our database of lost and found pets is a shared resource providing an easily accessible, one stop
     shop for all involved with lost pets to use ie SPCAs, vets, pounds etc as well as the public.
     When we all share information and use one system, we reduce a lot of stress for lost pet owners,
     lessening the feeling of searching for a "needle in a haystack". 
We provide support through online advice to find a lost pet with several helpful printable checklists.
Mega amounts of real life success stories give people much needed inspiration and hope.

Ready to get started?
Click here for more help on registering and posting ads etc

Do you need support entering ads?
We can help source a volunteer to manage your ads if you wish. Please email Kim and we will match you with a volunteer. Some SPCAs put up their own ads, others have an external volunteer to help...

Do you need any support with registering or placing your first few ads? If so, please contact Kim and I will give you a call and walk you through it over the phone. We can also arrange a volunteer to help upload your ads if you wish. Petsonthenet is run by volunteers, there are no 0900 numbers here! Just email or phone for help.

Free Promotional items
We can help you promote petsonthenet in your SPCA Centre with free promotional materials such as
- A4 colour posters for your reception etc
- Business card sized magnets and small notepads

Please advise how many posters and/or magnets or notepads you need, with a contact name and postal address and we will mail them out to you.


If you have a website we would appreciate a link back to our website, thanks!
Please link to, NZ's nationwide database for lost and found pets
+ pets for adoption

We appreciate feedback on the success of your ads. One easy way to share this with us and the whole world is to edit your Found Pet ads and advise the pet was reunited, and if applicable advise it was via Please edit the ad to change the category from Found Pets to Success Stories. Or simply delete the ad.

PLEASE..! Do tell me if you notice something wrong,  a typo, something is not clear etc. I really would love your feedback on even the smallest detail. Tell me your wish list too! What else would you like to see/be able to do on petsonthenet?!

purrs from

Kim Buchanan
or phone 07 868 5581 9am - 9pm



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Be part of the solution - Petsonthenet's philosophies; "Adopt, don't buy" and "Desex your pets"

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