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 Pet Medical Insurance for Pets (cats, dogs, rabbits and horses) 

Petsonthenet recommends Pet-n-Sur for all the pets in your family!

Pet-n-Sur supports Petsonthenet.
This means we can continue to help reunite and rehome thousands of pets in NZ each year,
helping more than 50,000 people each month who rely on our community service.

Pet medical insurance for cats in New Zealand Pet medical insurance for your dog in New Zealand Pet medical insurance for your horse in New Zealand Pet medical insurance for your rabbit in New Zealand

Find out more about Pet-n-Sur plans for every pet in your family,
or get a free quote for your cat, dog, horse or rabbit



Why we recommend Pet-n-Sur...
You can easily compare pet insurance plans on one page making it really quick and simple to choose the plan that suits you.
Cover is for LIFE for older pets with no age expiry. Pet-n-Sur have the highest entry age of any NZ insurer.
There are savings if you insure multiple cats, dogs or horses
Pet-n-Sur makes a contribution to help desex/microchip your cat or dog as part of some of their pet insurance plans (contribution depends on plan)
Assistance with lost pet advertising costs, boarding costs, funeral costs and replacement pet costs on some plans.
Pet-n-Sur is 100% NZ owned and managed and fully licensed under the Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act 2010 with no third party underwriter to complicate the claims process!
Affordable monthly payments give peace of mind that you will be able to pay vet bills, from only $11.73 per month for cats, $18.64 per month for dogs and $14.88 per month for horses.
Pet-n-Sur helps to financially support NZ Companion Animal Council, LandSAR Search Dogs, Local Council Shelters, Riding for the Disabled and the NZ Pony Club Association and  Petsonthenet!




Kim Buchanan from Petsonthenet at work with Snoopy the cat, who has pet insurance with Pet-n-Sur"We chose Pet-n-Sur for our pet insurance cover when we adopted "SPCA Special" cat, (Loopy) Snoopy.

Pet-n-Sur immediately appealed to us due to their
major differentiator - which is their direct financial support of NZ animal welfare organisations that we also have close ties with such as the NZ Companion Animal Association, NZ Kennel Club and local council shelters. They also support other fantastic organisations such as LandSAR Search Dogs, Riding for the Disabled and the NZ Pony Club Association.

For a small set amount per month that we can budget for, our pet insurance cover means that we don't have to worry that we would have the terrible choice of not being able to afford vet treatment if something "big" happens. Yet we were also able to claim toward a small bill for her annual

With budgets being stretched ever tighter in most households, it is more important than ever for us to know that we can afford to provide the vet treatment our pets need. Our Pet-n-Sur cover gives us the confidence that we can be responsible pet owners and provide vet care if needed to our furry family member."

Kim and Gavin Buchanan
NZs nationwide database for lost and found pets, and pets for adoption


Stories and Testimonials from some of the people and their pets insured with Pet-n-Sur

Broken Leg...
Pippi is a lucky young Toy Poodle with a story to tell.  A story for all small dogs about a risk which is so simple & common, yet costly...Those cute little 'oodles of crosses', Chihuahua's or Terrier's are just a few of the small dogs that are all at risk of such a simple, yet costly, mistake.

You love to hold them.  Those small wee puppies - even when they're a little bigger but still have the energy and desire to run, jump & play at any and every opportunity.

In comes the story of Pippi - a small Toy Poodle of just 8 months old.  She was being carried in her owner's arms, just as many of these small dogs tend to be...What happened next can happen so very easily.  Something caught young Pippi's eye and next thing she jumped & flew out of her unsuspecting owner's arms.

A funny landing on her leg meant that her owners took her off to the vet right away.  The diagnosis?  Left ulna & radius fracture.  Pippi had broken her little leg.

She had x-rays taken and was whisked off to the specialist vets.  Over $5,300 later, and with a leg full of screws and a plate, Pippi was ready to go home.

Pippi is getting stronger everyday on her repaired leg - recovering from a broken leg is not a quick or easy fix!  Her owners were so pleased they were insured as this is exactly what insurance is for, those unforseen events...  Who knew that Pippi would take a leap from the safety of her owner's arms?  And who knew it would result in a rather costly broken leg!

The moral of the story is be careful, be aware.  You never know what can happen...  We're glad we were there to help Pippi in this case!

Tobasco the cat had life threatening LUTD. Pet-n-Sur insurance meant he was able to have life saving surgeryFLUTD...
Tobasco Hammarsal is a cuddly 6yr old neutered ginger moggy – who one late night was straining to urinate. 

His owners noticed and were worried, doing the right thing they immediately took him to their local emergency vet clinic.

It wasn’t good news – the vet quickly examined Tobasco and determined he had a blocked bladder and needed immediate surgery.  Lucky for Tobasco his owners discovered him straining, as the vet said that if they had not taken him to the emergency vet right away, he would have been dead in less than 24 hours.  Poor Tobasco was in hospital for well over a week.

The condition he had (Feline Lower Tract Urinary Disease or FLUTD) is deadly, but if caught in time, is totally curable.  He is now on a special diet and doing really well! 

Tobasco’s owners own words say it best:
“I just remember the look of relief on the vet’s face when we told her we had Pet-n-Sur.  The emergency service isn’t cheap, but Tobasco would have suffered horribly and probably died if we waited to take him to the normal vet in the morning.  We have Pet-n-Sur so we never have to debate over whether or not our pet needs to die because we can’t afford the vet bills.  There is no question in our minds that the monthly premiums we pay not only bring us peace of mind, but safety and security for our beloved Tobasco.
Thanks Pet-n-Sur!” 


Bella the dog had life threatening chocolate (theobromine) poisoningChocolate Poisoning...
Bella, a four-year-old Silky Terrier, was a healthy and happy dog.  Most terriers are considered cheeky & inquisitive, and Bella was no exception – so when it came to chocolate her owner Rachel was always sure to keep it out of reach.  However, last Easter the family had Grandma Joan staying with them.  Without realising what she could be doing, she decided to hide some Easter eggs around the house for her grandkids to find while Rachel & the kids were out.  When they came home, Rachel sensed something strange: no greeting at the door.

Worried, she went looking for Bella and discovered chewed-up foil wrapping on the floor – the remains of Easter eggs.  Bella had decided to go on her own hunt for the Easter eggs, and half of them were missing.  Rachel found Bella standing up in the bedroom, looking shaky and restless. The 4.5kg terrier had consumed a large handful of Easter eggs, of all sorts of varieties, and the amount she consumed was dangerous.  

Rachel immediately called the vet and they advised she bring Bella in immediately.  She didn’t know exactly what was in the eggs Bella ate, but since Bella was already exhibiting nervous symptoms, it was clear that the theobromines had already entered Bella's system.  The vet had to get her to vomit any residual chocolate and give her activated charcoal to help neutralize what was in her intestines.  They also had to control any seizures, monitor her heart, start IV fluid therapy and observe little Bella for at least 24 hours until the symptoms subsided.

Luckily, Bella’s Easter hunt was discovered and treated just in time.  She went back home the next evening, and Grandma Joan now knows to be careful with her Easter hunt plans for the kids!  Pet-n-Sur took away the financial stress at a time when the family were worried, wanting nothing more than to make sure Bella was going to be OK.  Rachel was able to whisk Bella to the vet right away and tell them to do whatever they could, not concerned with the cost.


"Our cat Nacho was hit by a car and broke his two back legs and smashed a hip.  Thanks to the outstanding treatment from Onewa Rd Veterinary Clinic and VSG he is back on the mend and we have our lovely cat back. Thank you to Pet-n-Sur for paying promptly in accordance with their policy.  We would have had to put Nacho down and break our kids hearts had we not have the pet insurance!"


"Pet-n-Sur has been a godsend in refunds from an accident Lily had with the next door neighbours cat...  I don't know how we would have been able to afford the treatment is it wasn't for Pet-n-Sur.  They have been fantastic and very quick to refund."  "Rolo has been insured through Pet-n-Sur for 5 years now. They have always dealt with any claims promptly and efficiently. Pet-n-Sur helps take away the stress of your pet's illness knowing that they will help with the cost of medical care." 
Tango the dog had life saving liver treatment thanks to pet insurance from Pet-n-Sur
Michelle and Tango
Pet-n-Sur supports LANDSAR dogs like Matai
Sue and Matai the LANDSAR
search dog

Bodie the dog was insured by Pet-n-Sur
Teena and Bodie


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Petsonthenet recommends Pet-n-Sur for pet insurance for your cat, dog, horse or rabbit

Petsonthenet recommends our partner

Pet-n-Sur for pet insurance to help with
vet bills for your cat, dog, rabbit or horse.

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