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 Lost Pet Advice
 Step by step strategies to find your pet

Lost a pet ... there is hope             ( Found a pet? )

We're sorry your pet is missing... You've come to the right place for help. We understand a lot of what you're going through from personal experience when our own pets were missing. The frustration of that experience led to the launch of this specialist service for New Zealand lost and found pets in 2002.

Since then thousands of pets have been reunited directly due to, or indirectly through following our advice. Many more pets simply "just come home". So there is a huge amount of hope your pet will be home safely soon too as you will see from our Success Stories. The important thing is to take action as soon as possible.

We have over fifteen years of experience now in what works to help find a missing pet, we gladly share this with you in these strategies and we will support you as much as possible during this time.


CRITICAL Key Strategies

1) Place an ad with with a picture if at all possible. Whether it is a bronze (free) ad or an upgraded Silver or Gold level ad, please get some form of ad up ASAP. Pets have sometimes been reunited in literally minutes of ads being placed, so it's critical your ad be posted ASAP.

2) Check Petsonthenet's "Found Pets" section DAILY until your pet is home

3) Renew your Petsonthenet ad when your expiry notice is emailed to you. Please keep renewing until your pet is home. Do not give up too soon. We recommend at least six months of listing your pet with us along with regular checking of the Found Pet ads

Time is of the essence. 
Your chances of success improve greatly if you follow our plan as soon as possible. Don't take a "wait and see" approach. Day one of your search is the most intense, so take a sick (with worry) day or annual leave if possible so you can really focus on what you need to do.

FIRST STEP, go to our
Find your lost pet action plan - DAY ONE

Keep an open mind
Many people immediately assume their pet was stolen. This is incredibly rare in NZ!!! Especially with cats. Unless someone actually witnessed your pet being stolen you cannot afford to "narrow" your field down to just this option. It means you will not properly investigate all the other reasons your pet could be missing properly and you could miss a very important step in the process. Click here to see advice from the NZ Police about stolen pets - they have advice on what to say, and what not to say in your fliers, ads etc

Because your pets could be missing for a number of reasons, it is important you do everything on the checklist to ensure you cover all your bases.

So, what could have happened???


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Sammy, feline founder of petsonthenet, click to visit
This is the Feline Founder of, Sammy.
Her three day disappearance in 2000 inspired the birth of this service (click for her story).



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Be part of the solution - Petsonthenet's philosophies; "Adopt, don't buy" and "Desex your pets"

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