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 Lost Pet Prevention and Detection   

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 Lost pet prevention and detection 
 NZ Companion Animal Register
 Microchipping - NZ's nationwide database for lost and found pets
 ID tags for pets
 Microchip controlled pet doors (keep other cats OUT of your cats inner sanctum!)
 Humane traps to catch lost pets  (most SPCAs and some councils hire Humane traps to help catch lost cats)

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Lost pet advice from Wellington SPCA - but advice useful NZ wide
Lost pet advice from Auckland SPCA
Lost pet advice for earthquake and natural disasters
Lost pet advice from Missing Pet Partnership (US) for excellent indepth advice


NZ Companion Animal Register (NZCAR)
NZ microchip database, repatriating lost companion animals ie dogs, cats, rabbits, birds etc etc

Register your dog, cat or companion pets microchip with the NZ Companion Animal Register which is used by vets and SPCA's New Zealand wide. There is a one off fee for lifetime registration.

NB Dog owners, this is different than the database used by councils and pounds, it is highly recommended that your dogs existing chip number be registered not only with council, but also with NZCAR so that SPCA and vets can access your microchip information.

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Their support means we can keep, NZ's nationwide database, for lost and found pets + pets for adoption, free to you.

Extra purrs to you if you kindly mention to the business involved, that you found them via Petsonthenet..!

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Learn pet first aid with PET First Aid & Training (NZ) LtdWhat would you do if your pet...
Was poisoned? Choked on a toy? Was hit by a car?
Learn what to do, hands on, with PET First Aid & Training.
10 symptoms of FLUTD (Feline Lower Uterinary Tract Disease)10 warning signs in your cat you shouldn't ignore
Learn to recognise potentially life threatening symptoms of FLUTD

Hedgehog Help
Lots of help and information for hedgehogs including Hedgehog Rescue contacts and facebook
Coping with unresolved pet loss...
Find help here for coping with unresolved loss of a much loved pet.


Does your pet need a new ID tag?
From glitzy to practical stainless steel, choose from our huge range of over 200 quality pet ID tags. Plus a percentage of all sales helps support Petsonthenet to continue to reunite and rehome pets!
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