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The Humane Society of New Zealand Inc


"Respect for life, animal welfare. Neuter and spay - it’s the only way."
The Humane Society of NZ Inc.

 Adopting a pet from The Humane Society
 Financial Assistance for desexing in NZ
 Humane Society Beliefs
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Adopting a pet from The
Humane Society
The Humane Society rescues and rehomes both dogs and cats. Dogs are rescued from Animal shelters when their seven day period for claiming has ended and they are due for euthanasia.

Dogs are rehabilitated according to their needs. They are fully vet checked, treated for worms and fleas, vaccinated, desexed, registered and microchipped. They are then carefully rehomed following a detailed procedure and property check.

The Humane Society advertises their cats and dogs for adoption on Click this link to the Humane Society ad on petsonthenet and then click "advertisers other listings" to see a list of all Humane Society pets for adoption. We recommend you check daily for new Humane Society pets for adoption, as dogs in particular are quickly adopted in most instances.

Both dogs and cats are desexed prior to adoption and are fostered in private homes with volunteer families until adoption takes place. There is a very reasonable fee to adopt which helps the Humane Society to cover costs of desexing and caring for pets etc.

The Humane Society is well known for adopting delightful dogs, often purebreeds (no papers!) rescued from death row at pounds, or rehomed due to owners changed circumstances. There have been many happy successful adoptions via and the Humane Society.

You will of course have to be a good, responsible owner prepared to provide for the needs of the dog from annual registration to adequate fencing, housing, love and attention and vet care etc over the lifetime of your pet. 

Desexing - A Humane Responsibility for Pet Owners
"There are not enough homes now for pets, so why produce more?" quips Jill of the Humane Society.

The Humane Society of NZ has desexing of pets as one of their core aims. They provide fostering and rehoming of needy dogs and cats.

All pets rehomed by the Humane Society are already desexed. "The reason we do this is so we don't promote the ongoing cycle. We're better off desexing at our end than picking up the unwanted puppies and kittens at the other end".

"Desexed pets are healthier too", says Jill. "A male pup neutered between the age of 3 - 5 months will not mark his territory, which is healthier and cleaner and sometimes a "reason" people don't want their dog later on. Neutered cats and dogs are far less likely to a wander and then get hit by cars. Females are less likely to develop mammary tumours and males less likely to develop prostrate cancer." 

Financial assistance for desexing in NZ
In genuine hardship cases financial assistance towards the cost of spaying or neutering a pet is available in New Zealand from the Humane Society ie for those on low incomes ie beneficiaries etc. To enquire about an application for assistance to desex your pet, please phone or write to the Humane Society. Or download the application form directly off their website

Pets on the Net and the Humane Society

Since April 2002 we've provided ads at no charge via our "Pets for Adoption" section which the Humane Society have used with great success to rehome many pets in their care. 

"We get an awful lot of calls who say they saw a pet for adoption on Pets on the Net. We also tell people to use your website if they have lost or found a pet. Even if the pet they called about is already adopted, we can often find something else! 

"We used to get three or four calls a week, now that is up to three or four a day!"

Pets on the Net is excellent and has been very beneficial to the Humane Society"
Jill, Humane Society of NZ Inc.

Help the Humane Society
The Society needs more foster homes and more volunteers. We are only hindered by a lack of active membership.

If you agree with our aims and beliefs, please join the Humane Society.

Humane Society Contact Details

462 Manukau Rd,
Epsom, Auckland.
PO Box 29 060 Greenwoods Corner, 
Auckland 3.
Phone 09 630 0510

Humane Society now have their own website and email, see


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