Petsonthenet is New Zealands nationwide database for lost and found pets and pets for adoption. Successfully reuniting and rehoming pets since 2002

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 About Us

What is Petsonthenet?
Why is Petsonthenet the ONE place I need to list and look?

How is this free?!
Why did we start this service?
Who runs

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What is Petsonthenet?

Petsonthenet is New Zealand's nationwide database for lost and found pets + pets for adoption, since 2002 and the only service recommended by SPCA and NZCAR. This is the one place people know to look for lost and found pets and where we help to reunite and rehome thousands of pets each year. Lost or found pets may be added and searched 24 hours a day. Found pet information is also being put onto Petsonthenet every day by many SPCA's, pounds, vets and of course members of the public. Sometimes this has resulted in pets being reunited in a matter of minutes or hours. Other times we have reunited pets after many months - even after years in some cases. Dozens of expert advice pages also provide helpful advice and tips from our more than 14 years of experience in reuniting lost pets.

Why is Petsonthenet the ONE PLACE I need to list and look?
First of all Petsonthenet WORKS as you can see from our huge numbers of Success Stories. This service has been helping reunite and rehome pets since 2002 and is a well known, trusted household name. So it's is vital your pet be listed here with us and that you check our website regularly if you have lost or found a pet.

What about other websites and facebook pages?
In the past few years there have been a plethora of new lost pet facebook pages and websites which has unfortunately made people's lost pet search even more "like looking for a needle in a haystack" . It is vital that there continue to be ONE PLACE that everyone knows to list and look for lost and found pets. SPCA, NZVA, NZKC and NZCAR also see the need for one single effective database for lost pets in NZ, so they only recommend and use Petsonthenet to avoid confusion.

"Overseas experience has repeatedly shown that a multitude of lost and found systems often mean owners miss out on finding their pets, as the animal can be listed on a different system to those the owner is searching.  Australia has 6 major databases and hundreds of smaller notice board systems at clinic, suburb and city level. With so many systems the chances of an animal getting missed are significantly increased."
NZ Companion Animal Register, see full article here

How does it work (why is this free?!)

We are constantly being asked how can we run such an excellent service and yet keep it FREE?!!

The answer is that your donations, optional paid ad upgrades, sponsorships and pet related business advertising such as banners, advertorials and our Pet Services/Retail Directory all help bring the revenue needed to run this community service. We also gain revenue through our affiliates such asFishpond Fishpond and Travel Bug. Plus we also sell a range of quality NZ made engraved ID tags for pets


Why did we start this service?
Our feline "founder", Sammy.
In June 2000, our cat, Sammy, suddenly went missing. We did all the normal things, search, door knock, fliers, phone the SPCA and vets etc in the first few hours. We even rang the 0900 number that was available then for lost pets (now defunct...), four unhelpful minutes stung us $16...! Then we could do no more, but frustratedly wait for the local paper to publish our lost pet ad - in a few days time.

So we went to the internet to place an ad for her somewhere, we didn't care how much it cost, we just wanted to find ONE place we could put an ad online that "everyone" would know where to look at if they found her....But it did not exist. Frustrated that no one had created such a service when we needed it, we thought there should be one and it should be nationwide and it should be FREE!! So we saw right then, the incredible need for a site like this. It was a huge idea to have to bring to reality.

Having no experience in website design whatsoever, it was a painfully slow learning curve to put this together all by ourselves with only one PC, "love, fresh air and plenty of midnight oil". But in March 2002, we finally launched The first lost pet ad was on within 2 hours! More followed. Then very soon, we started to reunite pets, more and more! Then people started to adopt pets through connections made on as well.

More than ten years later, we remain focused as NZ's nationwide database for lost and found pets and pets for adoption, a FREE and comprehensive, specialist service and the ONE place to find a lost pet online. We offer free advice, support and SPCA found lists - much more than just another online "classifieds". We are run by caring humans who are here to help - there is no 0900 support or confusing auctions and we continue to enjoy many reunion successes every day as NZs largest website for pets.

By the way, our cat came back! Three days later she indignantly sprung from our neighbours locked wash house and came home - hungry yet happy to be free. She had founded this community service in her absence!

Who runs
This site was created by Kim and Gavin Buchanan (and Sammy!) and is still run by Kim with help from our customer service person, Glenys. 

We get many heart warming emails of thanks every day (please keep 'em coming!).

Please see our Contact Us page for our list of valued supporters and suppliers

Pets on the Net creators, Gavin and Kim Buchanan with their son, Kale.Click for an article published August 2004 about in the NZ Womans Weekly

TVNZ Breakfast story on for video on TVNZ Breakfast August 7 2007 about

Media - More articles in the media about petsonthenet

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